Friday, February 1, 2013

BH Party Girl Palette

Okay, so I have decided to do a review of the Party Girl palette first!
Okay, so for cons.
Now, when I put this in the cart on the BH website, I had NO clue that it was in fact, limited edition. I absolutely HATE getting limited edition products. I prefer to have the ability to go and buy the product again if I use it all up, but with this palette there’s no telling when it’ll disappear. So for me, that’s a BIG con.
Con #2. When I was sitting there swatching all the pweettyy little colors, I noticed that I would go to swatch certain ones, and I wasn’t getting much product on my finger and the color was sheer. That’s always a peeve for me. I hate having to rub my brush vigorously on the shadow before I get enough product to get ANY color payoff. So another no-no.
Now, the pros.
Pro #1. The packaging. I really LOVE the packaging. It is solid and sturdy. It’s matte – which is refreshing because I’m not a fan of the shiny packagings. I am a neat-freak over my products and I HATE seeing fingerprints and smears all over things.
Pro #2. The mix of colors. This palette has the perfect combination of colors. You could create anything from a dramatic smokey eye, subtle neutral eye, to bold, bright, and out there looks. It’s a pro for me because I personally love to do all of those types of looks.
Pro #3. Bigger shadows than the 88 palettes. I love the fact that this palette has bigger shadow sizes. It makes it much more worth it. I get more use out of it since the shadows aren’t the size of a dime, but about the size of a nickel.
Pro #4. I used the Party Girl palette last night and just played around and threw some stuff on my lid, and I’m really happy with the longevity of these shadows. If used with the correcting eye primer, the shadows refuse to budge. AT ALL. This is a major pro for me since I have oily lids and eyeshadow always creases on me.
The palette:image


If I had to give the palette a rating, it would have to be an 8/10.
I really enjoy this palette and I’m looking forward to playing around with it more! (:
Well, I will be back with another review soon, so I hope you enjoyed this!
XO – Ashley <3

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