Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BH Cosmetics Haul

Hey, Beauts!
I had an order with BH Cosmetics( and I was waiting on it. Well, it came last Thursday! I was busy that day so I couldn’t make a post about it.
I got all of this at their Pre-Valentine’s Day sale, so all of it was discounted. (:
Now, I’m only going to post what I got, but I’ll do the individual palettes, swatches, and reviews one at a time. If there is one of the palettes you want a review/swatches of the most, just let me know and I’ll do it. (:
So here is what I got!

88 Color Matte Palette, 120 Palette 5th Edition, Party Girl Palette, Day & Night Palette, and Correcting Eye Primer.
I won’t lie, I’ve been playing with them, and I’m in love with all of it.
So pictures of each palette, reviews, and swatches will come later.
Let me know if there’s anything you want to see first. (:
XO – Ashley<3

CVS haul!

Hey, Beauts! I just wanted to share a quick CVS haul I did a couple days ago. I went in with the intention of getting markers and tape, but, of course, walked out with more. lol

I got 4 things.

Rimmel London Natural Bronzer in "Sun Light"
Maybelline FIT ME blush in "Medium Pink"
Wet N' Wild nail polish in "Wet Cement"
Nicole OPI nail polish in Follow Me On Glitter"

I'll get my thought on all these up on here soon!

XO - Ashley<3

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh my :(

I have been SO behind on this blog!
I promise tomorrow I'm going to try and catch up on ALL of the posts I haven't put on this one, which is 14. I will get on it!

- Ashley.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bath and Body Works haul!

Okay, so I did this haul a few weeks ago, but I took these pictures when I got all of it.

This haul would normally cost around $350, but I paid around $150 total because of great sales and coupons. Ohh, how I love me some sales. :)

So this particular haul is from Bath and Body Works. Now if there is one thing I love most, it is feeling clean and smelling fantastic. I went a little overboard with this haul, but a girl can never have enough smell goodies. That and I love mixing it up. :)

So, for the total amout of items I got, I paid around $150. I got 24 items, and I love each and every one.

So, here is what I got. :)

Warm Vanilla Sugar - Body wash, spray, lotion, triple moisture body cream.

Be Enchanted - Body wash, spray, and lotion.

Coconut Vanilla - Body wash, and lotion.

Sweet On Paris - Body wash, lotion, spray.

Dark Kiss - Body wash, lotion, and body butter.

Strawberry Sparkler - Body wash, lotion, and shimmering body mist.

PINK With A Splash - Body lotions in Fun & Fearless and in Wild & Breezy, and a body spray in Sweet & Flirty.

And last but not least I got an antibacterial hand soap in Cinnamon Heaven and a candle in Tis The Season :)

There are two things missing from this, and that's because in this haul there was a body spray for my boyfriend, and a body spray for my mother.

Overall, looking at it, I think I went a little crazy. haha

Well, that's it for haul number one. :)
I'll have another haul up shortly from Ulta, and a my two cents on a couple of the things I got from there.

Keep checking in, lovelies!

XO - Ashley <3

I cave.

I did it. I caved. I bought a makeup item yesterday. My first one in 6 weeks. I decided to jump on the band wagon and get something I’ve wanted since I heard about it. I got the Maybelline mascara, The Rocket. :)
Let me say. I was SO skeptical about this mascara. I usually hate those plastic brushes with the short bristles. Here’s the brush:
At first, it reminded me A LOT of the Covergirl Lash Blast, and I HATED that mascara. It was too wet and the brush was the worst for me. It made my lashes stick together and I was never able to grab all of my lashes with the brush. But Maybelline; they NEVER disappoint me. Like I said, I was really skeptical about this mascara. I went home, opened it up, played with the brush for a minute before putting it in the mascara. I even did the, “Ohhhhh gosh, I don’t know if I’m gunna like this. Wahh! :( ” So I stuck it in the mascara and started using it.
I am SOOO happy I got this mascara. It is by far my new favorite. The brush grabs every lash, it isn’t too wet, it isn’t clumpy, it is just dark enough for me.
This is what it looks like. Mind my lashes being separated. For some reason my eyelashes want to be away from each other lately.
I always have long lashes, but this mascara added volume to them, which I always need.
Overall, I am in love with this mascara. It is pretty amazing and I love the brush. :)
From now on I’ll try not to judge a mascara by its brush. Although, I should start reading the packaging. I grabbed waterproof instead of regular. I do this every time I get a mascara – I just grab it.
Well, that’s all for this one. I shall be back with another post soon. I have a couple ideas up my sleeves. :)
Thanks for reading :)
XO – Ashley.

A little about me.

After much debate, I have finally decided to create a blog. I have a Wordpress one and this Blogspot one. Both will have the same content. I thought it would be something new and fun for me to do. :)

Firstly, a little about me. My name is Ashley. I have fibromyalgia, which makes each day hard, but I continue to rock each day like the pain doesn’t bother me. I am currently trying to pursue a career in the Nursing field. I love helping people, and being there when needed.

I just recently got a pet fish.
  I found him outside of one of my apartment windows with a terribly dirty fish bowl and some fishy flakes. His water was ice cold and you could barely see him, and someone left him there overnight, so I cleaned up his tank, put pretty rocks in there, and named him Stew.
I also got him a friend to keep him company. His name is Finni.

I have started up this blog to mainly share hauls, looks, reviews, and opinions. I am a beauty-haulic – and I cannot get enough of everything that has to do with it. It is my hobby and I love it.
  I very rarely go out and splurge on high end products. I find for me that expensive doesn't always mean better.
I will forever love my hobby and will never get tired of learning and trying new things. :)

This is all for now. I have some cleaning to do, so I shall appear later. :)

XO – Ashley.

P.S – I will get around to dressing up my blog when I have access to a computer :)