Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ulta and TJ Maxx haul. (:

Hello, lovely ladies.
I went to Ulta and TJ Maxx last Thursday(not two days ago Thursday) and picked up quite a few things and I wanted to share it with you guys!
NYX Glam Liner in “Glam Pink” :
Okay, so originally I wasn’t going to get this color, but they didn’t have the one I was looking for, so this was its substitute.
This eyeliner is amazingggg.
It goes on so smoothly, it has great color payoff, and it has really great staying power. It is sooo pretty.
NYX Glitter Cream Palette in “Bronze Goddess” :
I have heard SO many mixed reviews on these palettes, so I was really skeptical about this.
I really don’t see why people don’t like it. For me it stays really well, it has really good glitter payoff, glides right on, and the glitter is the perfect consistancy.
I love the colors in this. They bring out my blue eyes SO well.
This palette is absolutely GORGEOUS.
NYX Eyeshadow Trio in “Guru” :
UGH. I LOVE THESE TRIOS. These eyeshadows are so buttery smooth, the colors are so pigmented, and these colors work really well with my skin tone and eye color.
This trio won its way into my everyday love and go to spot.
NYX Candy Glitter Liners in “Silver” and “Mocha Latte” :
I usually hate liquid glitter eyeliners. I feel like I can never get the payoff I am looking for and the glitter chunks always hurt my eyes.
I now have a new found appreciation for them. These liners are spectacular. The glitter is just the right consistancy, it has great payoff, it stays put, they glide right on, I love the brush, and they have cute little tassles!
Ahhhh, I am such a sucker for packaging.
I am in love with these.
NYX Diamond Sparkle lipgloss in “Beige Sparkle” :
The picture shows it being darker than it actually is. It’s actually a beige-ish gold color.
This gloss is really nice. It’s really just average for me. I’ve used better, and I’ve used worse.
It isn’t sticky, the color payoff is decent, but it smells like crap. I hate when glosses smell cheap.
And it does.
“Cheap, Cheap”.
NYX Dramatic Chromatic eyeshadow pigment in “Sunshine” :
I finally got around to trying this today, and ohmyjeebus. It’s amazing! It’s such a gorgeous color. It’s a coral-ish, gold-ish, rose color pigment. The name is exactly what it is. It looks like sunshine! (:
It is shimmery, but it isn’t at the same time. It’s a perfect mix.
It goes on soft and smooth, it stays, it doesn’t crease, and it feels light on my lids.
I really want more of these!
NYX Sparkling Glitter Powder in “Champagne Bubble” :
Gosh! This is my first glitter pigment/powder and I love it!
The glitter is a fine consistancy and isn’t chunky, it’s so sparkly, it isn’t irritating to my lids, it’s very light, and I don’t get any fall off. I use just a very little amount and it goes a llloonnggg way.
It adds just the right amount of dazzle when I use it! (:
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish in “Snow Globe” :
In case no one has noticed, I have recently developed an obsession with sparkly. Me likes de spawrkles.
This polish is nice. I wanted something with thick glitter chunks to use as a top coat over my polishes. It has rainbow reflects glitter that looks silver until you get it in the light and then it’ll change to all sorts of colors.
This does what I want it to. It’s alright, I suppose.
It’s really thick and takes awhile to dry, which is never a good thing for me. I’m clumsy and if my nails aren’t dry, you can bet they’ll be messed up in a heartbeat.
Maybelline The Vivids lipstick in “Pink Pop” :
I’m not really sure how I feel about this lipstick. There was a ton of hype about these, but I don’t see it.
I love the color, but for me it takes a little building up to get the desired color I want from it.
It’s a vivid(obviously) Barbie pink lipstick. I love how the color looks on me, once I build it up that is.
I don’t know, I’ll have to use it more before I can really give accurate input on it.
Maybelline Super Stay 24hr foundation in “Sand Beige” :
Okay, everyone hated this foundation. I left my old foundation laying down(I was using FIT Me by Maybelline in 120 as a reference) and it spilt everywhere, so I got this as a replacement.
I REALLY don’t see why people hate this foundation because I am in LOVE with it.
It doesn’t look cakey like every other foundation I’ve used, it goes on flawlessly, it stays on, it has decent coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy, I like that I don’t feel like I’m wearing it, a little goes a long way, and I like the consistancy.
I don’t really see a problem with this foundation. It’s one of the best drugstore foundations I have used.
It is a perfect shade for me and it is definitely my new go to foundation! (:
Maybelline Clean Express wipes and liquid makeup remover :
Okay, I have used other makeup removers, but NOTHING I have used compares to these two.
The wipes feel so gentle and they don’t irritate my skin, like most removers do. The liquid remover is PERFECT for getting off my waterproof mascara.
Granted you have to shake the bottle to mix the product, and I forget to do that already. lol
They smell great, it doesn’t take work to get my makeup off, and they’re super gentle.
Definitely my new favorite makeup removers.
I highly recommend them!
So, that is all for this haul, you lovelies!
Let me know if you want any swatches of these products and I will be sure to get them up for you!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am soooo exhausted you guys.
I have been moving from my old place to my new place, non-stop for the past 3 days, and I. am. EXHAUSTED.
Hauling heavy stuff and lifting constantly is not that good for my body.
Within the next few days I should have everything set up the way it should be, I'll have my thoughts together, and I will be able to get a haul up that I did this last Thursday. (:

I'm gunna be resting as much as I can because of my Fibromyalgia acting up due to moving and my severely aching muscles from it, too.
I am NEVER doing this again. lol
Such a painful thing to do.

Well, I'm gunna dim my lights, I'm gunna lay in bed, watch 'American Dad', and CRASSSHHH.
I love my bed. It is my best friend right now. It's so comfy and my new bedset is SUUPPEEERRBB.

Let me know if you guys want pictures of my new room/set up or any other requests you want. (:

I'm going to bed now. (:

See you guys soon!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ranting and being a geek.

So, I’m gunna geek out a minute here.
Every since I heard about the WiiU coming out, I have been furious.
When I heard about the WiiU, I had just gotten a Wii for Christmas from my boyfriend. As if that weren’t bad enough..they wouldn’t be releasing a new The Legend Of Zelda game for my Wii – ONLY the WiiU. You would figure that in order to keep their audiences happy, they would release for both systems. BUT NOOOO. They’re jerks.

I have been a die hard Link/Zelda fan for 12 years. I have played ALL the games. Including Skyward Sword(which this game had to be one of the most frustrating ones I’ve to Majora’s Mask). I wanted to always play my Legend of Zelda game, but due to them only releasing a new one for the new system, I won't be able to.
Anyways, I hate the new WiiU. I find that that Nintendo is buying into the advanced technology crap and it frustrates me. I miss the days when game systems were simple; like the Super Nintendo and N64.
Having Fibromyalgia, my hands and arms hurt just from holding a plate while doing the dishes, and for me to have to hold a huge tablet to play games like The Legend of Zelda on the WiiU, that’s annoying. My hands hurt because of the simplest things, so this would REALLY not work for me.
And to top it off, today I found out they would be re-releasing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker for the WiiU with upgraded graphics. I know a lot of people hated this game, and I know a lot of people loved it. I happened to be one that loved the original graphics on this game, and now they're going to ruin that for me.
Due to Nintendo going all techno-advanced, I recently switched to Playstation/Sony.
I didn’t enjoy all the games that Wii had. They were all Disney games. I really don't like Disney games, because I enjoy games with challenge. They didn't really have a HUGE selection for that like Playstation does. I really only wanted a Wii for the Skyward Sword game anyways.
Having to have certain systems for certain games REALLY irks me. That's kind of why I switched to Playstation. I could get games for my PSVita, that you could get for the PS3.
I wanted better games. More action packed. More of an adult variety.
So because Nintendo decided to be a butt-face, I betrayed them.
I’ll miss my Legend of Zelda games, but when it comes to which system has the most to offer, I pick and I love my PSVita.I just had to rant about this a little bit, because the WiiU frustrates the crap out of me, and I had to vent about it. (:

Ello, there!

So, in the past week, everything has gone completely haywire.
I am currently in the process of packing so I can move. I hope to be moving over the weekend. Once I get moved and comfortable - I'll be able to start posting more often!

Also, I dyed my hair brunette!
I was sick of looking dull and having my face look fat because of my blonde hair, so I had my boyfriend pick a hair color for me, so we got it, and I did it. :)

I am so happy with it now. It really brightens me up. So kudos to my boyfriend for picking this color out for me(<3)!

So, just thought I would update you guys on this.

I promise I'll be back soon!

Friday, February 1, 2013

BH Party Girl Palette

Okay, so I have decided to do a review of the Party Girl palette first!
Okay, so for cons.
Now, when I put this in the cart on the BH website, I had NO clue that it was in fact, limited edition. I absolutely HATE getting limited edition products. I prefer to have the ability to go and buy the product again if I use it all up, but with this palette there’s no telling when it’ll disappear. So for me, that’s a BIG con.
Con #2. When I was sitting there swatching all the pweettyy little colors, I noticed that I would go to swatch certain ones, and I wasn’t getting much product on my finger and the color was sheer. That’s always a peeve for me. I hate having to rub my brush vigorously on the shadow before I get enough product to get ANY color payoff. So another no-no.
Now, the pros.
Pro #1. The packaging. I really LOVE the packaging. It is solid and sturdy. It’s matte – which is refreshing because I’m not a fan of the shiny packagings. I am a neat-freak over my products and I HATE seeing fingerprints and smears all over things.
Pro #2. The mix of colors. This palette has the perfect combination of colors. You could create anything from a dramatic smokey eye, subtle neutral eye, to bold, bright, and out there looks. It’s a pro for me because I personally love to do all of those types of looks.
Pro #3. Bigger shadows than the 88 palettes. I love the fact that this palette has bigger shadow sizes. It makes it much more worth it. I get more use out of it since the shadows aren’t the size of a dime, but about the size of a nickel.
Pro #4. I used the Party Girl palette last night and just played around and threw some stuff on my lid, and I’m really happy with the longevity of these shadows. If used with the correcting eye primer, the shadows refuse to budge. AT ALL. This is a major pro for me since I have oily lids and eyeshadow always creases on me.
The palette:image


If I had to give the palette a rating, it would have to be an 8/10.
I really enjoy this palette and I’m looking forward to playing around with it more! (:
Well, I will be back with another review soon, so I hope you enjoyed this!
XO – Ashley <3