Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I am soooo exhausted you guys.
I have been moving from my old place to my new place, non-stop for the past 3 days, and I. am. EXHAUSTED.
Hauling heavy stuff and lifting constantly is not that good for my body.
Within the next few days I should have everything set up the way it should be, I'll have my thoughts together, and I will be able to get a haul up that I did this last Thursday. (:

I'm gunna be resting as much as I can because of my Fibromyalgia acting up due to moving and my severely aching muscles from it, too.
I am NEVER doing this again. lol
Such a painful thing to do.

Well, I'm gunna dim my lights, I'm gunna lay in bed, watch 'American Dad', and CRASSSHHH.
I love my bed. It is my best friend right now. It's so comfy and my new bedset is SUUPPEEERRBB.

Let me know if you guys want pictures of my new room/set up or any other requests you want. (:

I'm going to bed now. (:

See you guys soon!

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