Friday, January 18, 2013

Bath and Body Works haul!

Okay, so I did this haul a few weeks ago, but I took these pictures when I got all of it.

This haul would normally cost around $350, but I paid around $150 total because of great sales and coupons. Ohh, how I love me some sales. :)

So this particular haul is from Bath and Body Works. Now if there is one thing I love most, it is feeling clean and smelling fantastic. I went a little overboard with this haul, but a girl can never have enough smell goodies. That and I love mixing it up. :)

So, for the total amout of items I got, I paid around $150. I got 24 items, and I love each and every one.

So, here is what I got. :)

Warm Vanilla Sugar - Body wash, spray, lotion, triple moisture body cream.

Be Enchanted - Body wash, spray, and lotion.

Coconut Vanilla - Body wash, and lotion.

Sweet On Paris - Body wash, lotion, spray.

Dark Kiss - Body wash, lotion, and body butter.

Strawberry Sparkler - Body wash, lotion, and shimmering body mist.

PINK With A Splash - Body lotions in Fun & Fearless and in Wild & Breezy, and a body spray in Sweet & Flirty.

And last but not least I got an antibacterial hand soap in Cinnamon Heaven and a candle in Tis The Season :)

There are two things missing from this, and that's because in this haul there was a body spray for my boyfriend, and a body spray for my mother.

Overall, looking at it, I think I went a little crazy. haha

Well, that's it for haul number one. :)
I'll have another haul up shortly from Ulta, and a my two cents on a couple of the things I got from there.

Keep checking in, lovelies!

XO - Ashley <3

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