Friday, January 18, 2013

A little about me.

After much debate, I have finally decided to create a blog. I have a Wordpress one and this Blogspot one. Both will have the same content. I thought it would be something new and fun for me to do. :)

Firstly, a little about me. My name is Ashley. I have fibromyalgia, which makes each day hard, but I continue to rock each day like the pain doesn’t bother me. I am currently trying to pursue a career in the Nursing field. I love helping people, and being there when needed.

I just recently got a pet fish.
  I found him outside of one of my apartment windows with a terribly dirty fish bowl and some fishy flakes. His water was ice cold and you could barely see him, and someone left him there overnight, so I cleaned up his tank, put pretty rocks in there, and named him Stew.
I also got him a friend to keep him company. His name is Finni.

I have started up this blog to mainly share hauls, looks, reviews, and opinions. I am a beauty-haulic – and I cannot get enough of everything that has to do with it. It is my hobby and I love it.
  I very rarely go out and splurge on high end products. I find for me that expensive doesn't always mean better.
I will forever love my hobby and will never get tired of learning and trying new things. :)

This is all for now. I have some cleaning to do, so I shall appear later. :)

XO – Ashley.

P.S – I will get around to dressing up my blog when I have access to a computer :)

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